Professional Affiliations

I am currently a Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Drama and Theatre with the department of Drama & Theatre Arts at the University of Birmingham. I am based in the Selly Oak Visual Arts Centre (SOVAC) on the College of Arts and Law, Selly Oak campus. I have previously worked as a senior lecturer in drama and performance in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, School of Media & Performing Arts, at the University of Portsmouth. I have also worked as a visiting lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University and The University of Winchester. Before that I spent three years as a resident director with The Young Actors Company in Cambridge.

I am an active member of The Theatre and Performance Research Association, (TaPRA), Documenting Performance working Group and the International Federation for Theatre Research, (IFTR), Performance as Research working group. I am also a fellow of the HEA.


Research Interests

  • Production and reception theory of experimental contemporary performance; specifically, immersive, one-on-one, micro-performance & participative dramaturgies. I am interested in explicating the nature of risk, investment, inclusion and participation employed in such dramaturgies and the implications of that upon the nature of the audience’s role and experience. I employ phenomenological and cognitive approaches to understand the ontology of immersive experiences.

  • Practice as research (PaR) in performance that interrogates the nature of the audience in liminal spaces through liminoid acts and invitations.

  • PaR theory, specifically the documentation of PaR through performative and intermediality strategies.

  • I am also concerned with exploring performative ways to document and archive a variety of localised histories and heritage.

  • More recently I have been exploring approaches to AR and mixed reality performance as a mode of capturing audience experience.


Research Activity

  • I am the recipient of an Arts and Humanities Research Council/Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council research award worth over £75, 000. This was awarded for the PaR research project Corpus Quod. The project commenced on the 1st April 2018 and will run until Dec 31st, 2018. It is a cross-disciplinary, trans-sector collaborative endeavour that seeks to develop innovations in affective audience-engagement, as well as new approaches to documenting audience experience. 

  • I have developed an original practice-as-research methodology, ‘the reflective participant’, that recognises the value of audience participation in reception scholarship. This has implications for the study of immersive, interactive and participative performance. This new (syn)aesthetic approach has been disseminated to the international PaR community in the international journal PARtake.

  • I have devised an innovative PaR model, ‘The Daisy Chain Model’, that has been disseminated in an internationally compiled edited volume with Routledge. The model provides a tool that visualises the complex relational nature of praxis and the epistemology that informs it. It can be used to marshal the development of the generation of knowledge – the praxis – but it also provides a tool for mapping that praxis.